Preparing Your AC for Summer

Warm weather is beginning to show itself as spring marches on. Is your air conditioner ready to handle the heat? Before the season when you’ll need it every day, set aside some time for important seasonal maintenance. A few of the items on the list:

1. Change your filters.

According to the Department of Energy, this is the maintenance task that provides the best improvement in your AC’s efficiency. Clean or change indoor filters often to keep air flowing smoothly.

2. Remove any covers on your outdoor system.

During the winter, condenser covers and coil blankets protect your system from the elements. Take them off now so that they do not limit airflow and heat transfer. Running the AC for even a short time with these in place can damage your system.

3. Inspect the outdoor unit.

Check out the panels to make sure they are in place and correctly aligned. Inspect the outdoor coil for leaves and debris and remove any that you find. Look over the lines that run from your outdoor unit to your home’s indoor air handler. If the insulation on them is missing or damaged, have us replace it. Proper insulation is needed to keep your unit running the way that it should.

4. Turn on your AC to make sure it works.

It’s better to know before you need it. When you are done doing all of the seasonal maintenance, turn on the system and wait for it to start. A few minutes after it’s started running, check to make sure that there is cool air coming out of all of the registers. If there is no air flow or if the air does not feel cool, that is a sign that something is wrong. Give us a call and we will find the problem and get it fixed before summer weather sets in.

Attending to maintenance before the warm season kicks into gear means a more comfortable summer and a longer life for your home’s HVAC systems. Is it time for an inspection or a repair? We provide the air conditioning repair Chicago homeowners need. Get in touch today to get your system into shape and keep your home cool.