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How Do I know When It’s Time to Replace My Furnace?

We’ve been hearing plenty of talk about smart homes lately, but there’s one fundamental fact that you can’t escape: there’s no substitute for a smart home owner. Keeping your home toasty and safe in cold weather means being smarter about your home heating system. That means proper furnace maintenance, and sometimes it means something you’d probably rather not think about: buying a new furnace. Lakeview Heating and Cooling helps you figure out when to replace your furnace.

Here are some useful questions to ask.

How Old is My Furnace?

Age is the most common reason to replace your furnace. In fact, Energy Star recommends replacing your furnace after 15 years even if it doesn’t seem to have any issues. See, newer furnaces are much more efficient than their older counterparts. Install a smart thermostat and you can get even more efficiency, often lowering your energy bills enough to quickly recoup your investment.

Are My Utility Bills Higher?

Utility costs never seem to go down, but that might not be the only reason you’re paying more. Furnaces lose efficiency over time even with proper furnace maintenance, so your furnace has to work longer and harder to heat your home.

Am I Repairing More Often?

Things wear out when they get old (just ask your knees if you’re over 40). Some parts need to be replaced due to normal wear. But when you find yourself making repair calls multiple times in a season, your furnace could be on its last legs. Sometimes it’s simple economics; the cost of a new furnace would be less than the constant repairs.

Does My Home Feel Colder?

If it seems to take longer to warm your home than it used to, or if you’re noticing humidity changes where you didn’t have them before, that’s often an indication that it’s time for an inspection. We may find that it’s a simple fix, or that you’re better served with a new furnace.

Something Seems Off

Gas-fired furnaces will often alert you that something’s wrong if you know what to look for. You may notice smells that weren’t there before, a flame that’s orange instead of blue, soot marks or signs of burning around the furnace, or strange noises. Sometimes this is just a sign that the furnace needs cleaning or service. Other times it’s the beginning of a more severe problem that could turn into a fire or carbon monoxide leak if you’re not diligent.

Not every ping, rattle, or hiccup is a sign that you need to replace your furnace. Sometimes— especially if it’s a recent install — it’s just a sign that it needs to be cleaned and serviced. Rather than taking your chances, pick up the phone and call the experts at Lakeview Heating and Cooling.

Your home should be safe, comfortable, and warm. If your home is in the Chicago area, call 773-698-6569 and let us help you with furnace service, installations, air quality solutions, and smart thermostats.