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How to Know if You Require Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in Chicago

Spring is inching closer and warm weather is right around the corner. It won’t be long before air conditioner season is in full swing.

Before that sets in, you want to make sure that your air conditioner is up to the task. This requires checking your AC to ensure that it is not suffering from any problems. What should you look for to determine this?

Here is how to know if you require professional air conditioner maintenance in Chicago.

Signs That You Require Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

  1. Inhibited Airflow

One sign that you air conditioner requires maintenance is if the airflow from your ducts is inhibited. Inconsistent airflow comes as a result of either clogged ducts or a faulty condenser motor.

In most cases, the condenser is at fault. Because it’s not being optimally powered, it cannot run consistently. This results in airflow which fluctuates over time, never quite cooling your home or business.

Whatever the problem may be, an AC repair technician will be able to identify it, and then make any necessary repairs.

  1. Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the liquid which air conditioners use to produce cold air. Without refrigerant, your AC unit will not perform properly.

Have you noticed any refrigerant leaking from the coolant line of your air conditioner? The coolant line is the small pipe which leads from your air conditioner’s condenser to the inside of your home. It can spring leaks when met with physical trauma or general deterioration.

If you do notice refrigerant leaks, you should call an air conditioning repair specialist as soon as possible. Your AC will not work at maximum efficiency until the leaky component is patched or replaced.

  1. Unusual Noises

Grinding, squeaking, and banging sounds are all an indication of a problem with your air conditioner. If you hear these sounds coming from your air conditioner’s condenser, you need to have it looked at by a professional.

When a condenser is making sounds such as these, a number of different things could be wrong. In most cases, its internal components are impaired in some way. In other cases, it might have something stuck inside.

Whatever the case may be, your air conditioner will not function properly until repairs are made.

  1. Smoky Aromas

Do you notice a smoky aroma emitting from your air conditioner? If so, there is most certainly something wrong with it.

In most cases, smoky aromas indicate that there is something wrong with the motor of the air conditioner. In other cases, it can be a result of faulty wiring.

Again, calling in a professional repair technician will help you to get to the bottom of the problem. Your AC might get by with a repair, or you might have to install a new air conditioner altogether.

  1. Inordinately High Energy Bills

Have you noticed a marked increase in the cost of your energy bills lately? A number of different things could be the reason for this, but there is a decent chance that the culprit is your air conditioner.

When an air conditioner’s motor starts to break down, it must use even more energy in order to function properly. The use of this extra energy results in energy bills which are much costlier than they once were.

Don’t put up with catastrophic energy bills. Call in a repair technician and the right the wrongs of your AC.

Do You Require Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in Chicago?

Have you detected any of the problems discussed above? Do you require professional air conditioner maintenance in Chicago? If so, the professionals at Lakeview Heating and Cooling are the people to see.

We know everything there is to know about air conditioners, and provide only the best in maintenance and repair. We’ll make sure that your air conditioner is ready to take on the coming heat.

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