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Keep Seasonal Allergies Under Control

When things start blooming, do your eyes and nose start itching? Many people think that the sneezing and runny nose are just the symptoms of a late spring cold. However, if it happens at the same time every year, it could be allergies. Nasal allergies are far more common that most people think. The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America estimates that anywhere from 10 to 30% of the population suffers nasal allergies.

Pollen doesn’t just cause its irritation outdoors. It can hitch a ride indoors on air currents, your clothes and your pets. When pollen comes inside, it can float on the air or settle on your sofa, your chairs and even the bed where you sleep. Even while you are relaxing indoors, you can still find that you are besieged by irritants that can cause allergy symptoms.

Improve your indoor air quality

Your air conditioner doesn’t just make your home cooler. It removes moisture that could otherwise lead to allergenic mold. Your filters catch pollen and, when the system is cleaned regularly, keep it out of the air that you breathe.

If the AC alone is not removing enough moisture from the air, we can add a dehumidifier to your system. This can be especially helpful in areas of the home like basements or rooms that have less ventilation.

Regular service is key

Because your air conditioner is pulling both moisture and contaminants out of the air, these can easily build up in the system. When moisture builds up, it can lead to mold inside your air conditioner’s ducts, which can, in turn, lead to spores escaping into the home. Pollen, dander and other irritants can build up in the system and be recirculated in the room, removing the benefits that air conditioning provides.

By getting air conditioning system cleaning and maintenance performed regularly, you can ensure that these substances are removed and that the air quality in your home improves.

Is it time for your air conditioner to be serviced? Do you want better air quality inside your home? We offer the air quality products and air conditioning repair Chicago families trust. Don’t suffer this summer! Give Lakeview Heating and Cooling a call and we’ll get your house cool and pollen free.