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The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Boiler

You probably take your boiler for granted. Don’t. It’s practically the only thing standing between you and the freezing cold of Chicago winters. Proper maintenance from a qualified HVAC provider like Lakeview Heating and Cooling keeps your boiler running great and can even keep your family safer, thanks to Chicago boiler cleaning and maintenance.

What is My Boiler Doing?

A quick word on what boilers are, and what they’re not. Contrary to what the name would suggest, a boiler isn’t actually “boiling” anything; the name is a carryover from old-fashioned steam boilers that would generate steam by boiling water. A modern boiler operates between 145-190 degrees, generating the heat for your home and the hot water you’re using for things like showers and dish washing.

Boilers aren’t terribly complex, but they do have some issues that need to be monitored. Mineral buildup, dirty burners, trapped air, and issues with your thermostat can all come up from time to time.

Why Should I Get My Boiler Cleaned?

If you use a teakettle often, or if you’ve ever noticed a mineral buildup on your shower head, you’ve already gotten a hint as to why regular boiler cleaning is needed. Heat combined with water that has a high mineral content leaves a buildup of mineral deposits in the works of your boiler. That leads to a number of issues. Restricted water flow can lead to higher energy bills. At worst, you may also have to contend with boiler damage, structural damage, and even deadly carbon monoxide (CO) leaks due to dirty or malfunctioning burners.

There’s another reason that routine boiler maintenance is a good idea, however. While we’re servicing your boiler, it’s a chance to inspect its overall condition, see if there’s undue wear on any parts or components, and suggest any repairs that are needed. That alone helps keep you safe, prevents breakdowns, and contributes to your overall peace of mind.

The long and short of it: spending a little money now can save you money later, whether in the form of major repairs or a premature boiler replacement (neither of which come cheap). It could also potentially save your life.

How Often Should I Have My Boiler Maintained?

At a bare minimum, you should have your boiler maintained annually. However, if you suspect there’s an issue, contact us even if your scheduled service date is some time away. As you’ve no doubt learned by now, an improperly-maintained or broken boiler isn’t something you want to take chances with! One advantage of servicing through Lakeview Heating and Cooling is that we offer a No-Breakdown Guarantee. If we’ve serviced your boiler and something goes wrong during the season, we’ll return and repair at no cost.

Why Lakeview Heating and Cooling?

In a word: experience. We service the Chicago area’s boiler service needs, but we’re so much more than that. We’re on call 24/7/365, with no additional charge for calls at odd hours. What’s more, we provide installation and service not only for boilers, but also furnaces, water heaters, and indoor air-quality products, using energy-efficient methods and products wherever possible. How can we help you? Call us at 773-698-6569 today.

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