Furnace Cleaning, Maintenance and Service in Chicago, IL

Have your heating system maintained in Chicago by one of Lakeview Heating and Cooling’s trained and certified technicians. Yearly furnace maintenance can do more for your furnaces’ overall operation and longevity than you may think. For one, having your furnaces seasonal maintenance done in Chicago can reduce your gas bills, prevent early furnace repairs and in some cases, keep up on your products warranties that are provided by the manufacturer of your heating equipment.

Here at Lakeview Heating and Cooling, we take the maintenance of your heating system a step further. Our 32-point furnace inspection is a complete system check. Call and schedule your appointment today or join our Annual Service Maintenance program and receive your yearly “NO Breakdown Guarantee”. The no breakdown guarantee includes if there is a problem with your HVAC system during the time which you are a member you will not pay any service charge for us to return and diagnose the issue you may be experiencing.