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Yearly furnace maintenance is important, especially in Chicago. Regular upkeep can help extend the life of your furnace.

Our furnace installations are affordable and dependable. Trust the Chicago furnace experts to handle your next furnace installation.

Repairing your furnace can save you money, extend your furnace’s life, and keep you comfortable during the cold Chicago months.

We offer comprehensive solutions to improve your quality of life — duct cleaning, air filters, humidifiers, and more.

Called for an emergency repair when my heating went out. The repair technician Chris came out within the hour. Was professional, courteous, and had a mask on to be COVID friendly. He took care of the problem immediately and for a reasonable cost. I highly recommend calling this local company for all your HVAC needs


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When your furnace stops working as expected, turn to the trusted experts, and stay warm. Our customer service lines are open 24/7 to schedule your furnace repair with the HVAC experts. 

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How can you tell if your furnace needs a repair?

There are a variety of ways to tell whether our furnaces are equipped to get us through the winter.
• Funny Smells: Gas smells, smoke smells, and chemical odors are all signs of a problem with your furnace.
• Discolored Pilot Light:  If your pilot light instead has a yellow tint to it, you will need to have it checked out as soon as possible.
• Slow Heat Production: There are two typical causes for a slow production of heat: thermostat issues and clogged vents. Both of these problems can be assessed and repaired by an experienced HVAC technician.

Learn more signs of furnace malfunctions

What are common issues people have with their furnace?

Maintenance and cleaning are great ways to extend the life of your furnace, but all furnaces have problems eventually. The most common problems include a dirty filter, yellow pilot light, thermostat malfunction, belt issues, and on/off cycling.

What are tips to maintain a furnace?

Changing your air filter regularly is the easiest and best way to maintain your furnace. Some other steps you can take are cleaning the combustion chamber, checking the flue pipe for blockages, and do regular duct cleaning to rid your ventilation of debris.

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