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5 Signs That You Need to Call a Chicago Air Conditioner Repair Company

While air conditioner problems may not present themselves frequently, they will inevitably occur at some point. When these problems present themselves, they should be eliminated as quickly as possible to ensure that your home remains comfortable at all times.

The question is: how do you know when your air conditioner has encountered a problem? The answer: by looking out for some specific signs.

Here are 5 signs that your air conditioner is experiencing problems, and that you should call a Chicago air conditioner repair company.

1. Your AC is Working Slowly

A fairly sure sign that your air conditioner is in need of a repair is when it operates at a much slower rate than it normally does. If this is occurring, your air conditioner is suffering from either a motor problem or a thermostat problem.

Typically, when you set a new temperature on your thermostat, your air conditioner should meet that temperature within about 30 minutes. If your AC struggles and takes over an hour to reach a set temperature, a professional inspection is likely needed.

2. Your AC Has Experienced a Leak

One of the keys to a functional air conditioner unit is a fluid known as refrigerant. Without refrigerant running through it, an air conditioner will not be able to produce cold air.

This is why, if any refrigerant has leaked out of your AC, your AC will need to be repaired immediately. In most cases, when refrigerant leaks, it’s due to a punctured refrigerant line. A repair technician will be able to come in, patch up that line, and fill your air conditioner with fresh refrigerant.

3. Your AC is Making Unusual Noises

Air conditioners should make a slight noise; this is an indication that they are, in fact, operating. However, there are certain noises which indicate a problem with your air conditioner. These include clunking noises, screeching noises, and squealing noises, to name a few.

If your AC is producing unusual noises of any kind, you need to bring in an air conditioner repair company. He or she will be able to identify the source of the noise and correct any problems which might be associated with it.

4. Your AC Smells Funny

Ideally, your air conditioner will not produce any type of smell whatsoever. If your air conditioner is producing odors, there could very well be something wrong with it.

Smells to look out for include everything from musty smells, to burning smells, to rotten egg smells, and more. These aromas can indicate a number of different problems, from mold buildup, to an impaired motor, and much more. If you notice unusual smells coming from your AC, a repair technician can be of assistance.

5. Your Electric Bills Are Inordinately High

Unless it’s much hotter outside than usual, if your electric bills are inordinately high, your air conditioner is likely experiencing a problem of some kind. Aside from scorching heat, there is no reason for your electric bills to skyrocket out of nowhere.

Typically, high energy bills are brought on by an air conditioner which is not functioning as efficiently as it usually does. A motor issue could be at the center of the problem.

Looking for a Reputable Chicago Air Conditioner Repair Company?

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