Boiler Installation in Chicago, IL

install boilers
If your boiler is causing you to many troubles, then it may be time to look for a new boiler. Lakeview Heating and Cooling put’s in the care into ensuring your boiler installation is the best investment you make for your home. When you schedule your free estimate our boiler experts will come to your home and walk you through the many options available to you.

When to Think About New Boilers

There are always many questions regarding when to upgrade to a new boiler. We provided a few detailed signs that may indicate when a boiler should be replaced. No matter what type of gas boiler that is installed the first indicator for a boiler that is in in need of replacement is knowing the years it has been in service. If your boiler has seen many years, it probably has also seen many repairs. Like mileage on a car, some boiler parts have a time and place to be replaced. Neglecting regular maintenance could lead to an efficiency drop in hot water conversion and an increase in appliance bills. If your boiler starts seeing an increase in needed repairs, it may be time to start thinking about a new boiler.

Other signs it may be time to replace a boiler include: If your experiencing loss of efficiency, leaks, or starts making unusual noises. All these problems can be fixed with a repair, but if you are experiencing an increase of boiler issues it could be time to upgrade.

Affordable Boiler Installation

From your basic installation to your most natural gas efficient choice we have the answers. With our interest free financing, we make it easier to take care of your problem. All of our installations come with a 10-year warranty for qualified manufactured parts and labor. Additionally, you can take comfort in fact that we provide our own extended warranty policies. Lakeview Heating and Cooling offers 1, 3, or 5 year packages for parts and labor warranties for all of our qualified boiler installs.

Post Installation

After your new boiler installation, you will be given a brief overview on your new boiler including an introduction on handling your boiler. Documentation and records will be provided as well, all the needed paperwork will be in place to maintain all manufacturer warranties.

Lakeview Heating and Cooling maintains a true 24hr service to ensure homeowners stay warm no matter what time of night. Each installer in our company is backed by certifications and years of experience. We ensure they are regularly trained so that the latest technology and procedures are used for your new boiler system installation in Chicago.