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Boiler Vs Furnace: Pros and Cons

Perhaps you’re building a new home? Maybe you’re looking for a new way to heat your existing home? In any case, you’re in need of a new heating system.

Although there are a variety of heating systems available, two of the most popular heating options include furnaces and boilers. Furnaces and boilers both have their upsides, and their drawbacks as well.

To help you decide between the two, we will compare each option below.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, boilers reign supreme over furnaces. The reason for this is fairly simple: while the heat produced by furnaces tends to leak out as it travels through air vents, the heat produced by boilers does not leak out as it travels to radiator panels.

In essence, long, leaky ducts result in reduced energy efficiency. If you hope to save money in the long run, we recommend going with a boiler.


When it comes to noise, both boiler systems and furnace systems are fairly quiet. However, it could be argued that, in this department, boiler systems are slightly superior to furnace systems.

When a furnace is running, you will likely hear air blowing out of your vents. This sound is typically not disturbing, but is still fairly noticeable.

Boiler systems, on the other hand, do not utilize air. Because of this, they are essentially silent in all rooms throughout your home. The only exception to this is the room which houses your boiler itself. The central heating components of both boilers and furnaces could make a decent amount of noise.


In terms of upfront costs, furnaces are more affordable than boilers. Not only are furnaces cheaper to purchase, they’re cheaper to install as well. This is true regardless of whether or not you already have ducts installed throughout your home.

However, over time, boiler systems often end up costing less than furnaces. This is due to their outstanding energy efficiency. Because they use very little energy, they also cost less money to power on a month-to-month basis.

Heating Quality

In most cases, boiler systems provide more consistent heat quality than do furnaces. This is because boilers make use of radiant heating, and radiant heating has the ability to encapsulate an entire room with heat.

By contrast, furnaces are often quite drafty. When a furnace is running, a room will typically feel much warmer next to its vents than it will away from its vents. This might make it difficult for you to find a heat setting that is reasonably comfortable throughout the entire room.


In most cases, furnace installation will be much simpler than boiler installation. This is true regardless of whether or not your home is already equipped with air ducts.

Boiler system installation isn’t difficult because of the boiler itself; it’s difficult because of the radiator panels that accompany a boiler system. These panels are often installed within walls and under floors, which requires that they be pulled apart during the installation.

Pulling apart floors and walls requires a great deal of time, effort, and money. For this reason, many homeowners choose to opt for furnaces instead of boilers.

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