5 Signs That You Need to Call a Chicago Air Conditioner Repair Company

While air conditioner problems may not present themselves frequently, they will inevitably occur at some point. When these problems present themselves, they should be eliminated as quickly as possible to ensure that your home remains comfortable at all times. The question is: how do you know when your air conditioner has encountered a problem? The […]

A Quick Guide to Dehumidifiers

If you want a comfortable and healthy home, you’ve probably already given considerable thought to your home’s heating and cooling needs. But there’s another factor, besides the temperature, that has a lot to do with how your home feels: humidity. The amount of moisture in your indoor air can be influenced by many different things, […]

The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Boiler

You probably take your boiler for granted. Don’t. It’s practically the only thing standing between you and the freezing cold of Chicago winters. Proper maintenance from a qualified HVAC provider like Lakeview Heating and Cooling keeps your boiler running great and can even keep your family safer, thanks to Chicago boiler cleaning and maintenance. What […]