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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Chicago, IL

air conditioning maintenance
Sometimes people ask us: “how does air conditioning work?” “Why do I need maintenance on my air conditioning system?” Here is brief explanation on how it all works. Without getting to geeky, thermal dynamics plays a central role. The second law of thermal dynamics states a hotter source will always transfer to a colder source. So, with this theory in mind, when you turn your air condition on the hot air from your home is pulled through your return duct and passes across your indoor evaporator coil. When that happens, the heat from the air is then transferred to the Freon. The hot Freon is then sent to the outside condensing unit where it is removed by allowing outside air to pass across the outside coil, which is then sent into the atmosphere. Cooler Freon is then sent back inside to continue the same process.

Why are we providing a lesson in thermal dynamics? Simply stated, having you’re A/C maintenance in Chicago performed yearly will greatly increase the amount of heat that your system can remove from your home as it operates. When your outside condenser or your indoor coil are dirty it slows the amount of heat removed as it operates which will raise your utility bills and put excessive strain on the system. Preventative maintenance performed by one of Lakeview Heating and Cooling’s experts will extend the life of your air conditioning unit, lower your utility bills and keep your air conditioning from breaking down at the worst time. If your looking for air conditioning maintenance in Chicago, call and schedule your A/C maintenance with Lakeview today and take advantage of our NO Breakdown Guarantee.