5 Useful Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

In most cases, air conditioners can thrive for around 10 to 15 years. In cases where they don’t reach this range, they are usually not well maintained. In order for an air conditioner in Chicago to live a long life, it will need to be properly cared for and looked after.

The question is: how exactly do you care for an air conditioner? The good news is that we’re about to tell you. Here are 5 useful air conditioner maintenance tips!

1. Change the Filter

It’s simple: change your air filter when it gets dirty. This alone can help your AC substantially, allowing it to work more efficiently, and greatly reducing the amount of stress which it takes on.

Generally, air filters need to be changed every 2 or 3 months. However, the cleanliness of your home can affect this range. For instance, if you have pets, it’s typically recommended that you change your filter every month or so.

2. Scrub the Coils

Another air conditioner maintenance tip to keep in mind is to scrub down the coils. An air conditioner’s evaporator coils and condenser coils are vital to its overall functionality. If these coils get dirty, the air conditioner’s functionality can become greatly impaired.

Scrubbing these coils is generally very easy. Just apply some cleaner and wipe it off with a towel or brush. Doing this once every year or so can make a huge difference.

3. Straighten the Fins

Not only should you scrub down your condenser coils, you should also straighten their fins. This is a fairly simple maintenance task which can help to vastly improve your AC’s overall efficiency.

Generally, you can straighten condenser fins by simply running a small object between them. Applying light pressure will bend the fins in the opposite direction, straightening them out, and allowing for proper air flow.

4. Keep the Condenser Area Cleared

Another key maintenance tip is to keep the condenser area cleared. The clearer you can keep the area around your condenser, the better chance you have of preventing objects from making their way into your condenser. If an object does end up in your condenser, it can impair it greatly, negatively affecting your AC’s overall functionality.

Trim up bushes, sweep away stones, pick up sticks, and do everything else you can to keep the area around your condenser neat and tidy.

5. Clean Ducts

If you want your air conditioner to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, it’s wise to clean your air ducts on a regular basis. When dust, dirt, and other debris make their way into these ducts, they cause blockage, reducing air pressure, and causing your AC to work much harder than it otherwise would.

At the very least, you should clear your vents of any visible dust every so often. However, ideally, you will get into the body of your ducts so that you can remove all traces of dust and debris. This can be complex and time-consuming, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Need Help with Air Conditioner Maintenance in Chicago?

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