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6 Benefits of a Humidifier

When winter comes rolling around, the air gets much dryer. This is due to the air’s coolness. The cooler air is, the harder time it has holding moisture.

While there’s essentially nothing you can do to moisturize the air outside, there is something you can do to moisturize the air in your home. Namely, you can invest in a humidifier.

But perhaps you’re skeptical? Maybe you don’t quite understand how a humidifier can help you? Here are 6 benefits of a humidifier.  

1. Soothed Sinuses

In the winter months when the air is dry, your sinuses come under absolute assault. Because moisture is needed to keep your sinuses healthy, they struggle to operate adequately when moisture is sucked out of the air.

By installing a humidifier, you will be pumping much-needed moisture back into the air. This moisture is the nectar that your sinuses are looking for in order to avoid irritation and congestion.

2. Healthy Skin

In addition to wreaking havoc on your sinuses, dry air also wreaks havoc on your skin. Like the sinuses, moisture is needed for your skin to maintain its optimal health. When moisture is not present, skin becomes dry, itchy, and irritated.

Again, installing a humidifier will ensure that your home’s air is filled with the moisture needed to let your skin thrive.

3. Reduced Static Electricity

Have you ever noticed how static electricity seems to run amok in the winter time? It seems that when it’s cold outside, everything you touch is just waiting to give you a zap. The reason for this is, of course, dry air.

When there’s moisture in the air, it’s more difficult for opposing electrons to connect and create static electricity. Dry air, on the other hand, allows opposing electrons to float around freely, coming into contact with each other on a regular basis.

4. Faster Healing Times

Another one of the major benefits of a humidifier is that, if you do fall ill, you will typically be able to heal much faster. Because the humidifier is keeping your sinuses and mouth moisturized, you are better able to resist bacteria that’s floating through the air.

By resisting these bacteria, you are essentially preventing any further sickness to occur. Your body can focus on healing instead of fighting off more viruses.

5. Comfortable Air

While some might not notice the difference, the vast majority of people on this planet can actually feel when their air around them is dry. At times in dry air, it can almost seem as if it’s a struggle to breathe and swallow.

Having a humidifier to regulate your home’s moisture will ensure that your indoor air is comfortable at all times. It will always feel like a pleasant spring day.

6. Reduced Chance of Virus

There’s little more inviting to viruses than dry air. Because it contains almost no moisture, dry air allows viruses and bacteria to travel through it with almost no impedance. This results in viruses and bacteria which are constantly reaching human bodies.

By installing a humidifier, you will basically be stopping sicknesses in their tracks. Of course, you can still develop sickness even with a humidifier, but the chances will be substantially lower.

Looking to Reap the Benefits of a Humidifier?  

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